Relentless Right Wing Propaganda

Using the mainstream, right wing, corporate media, the republican fascists, industrialists, government manipulators are waterboarding the American populace with lies and misinformation. “Social Security is going broke!” “The Democrats are tearing children from the arms of their parents and warehousing them in cages!” “Israel is being attacked by Palestinian Terrorists!” “It’s Hillary’s Fault!” “Obama is … Continue reading Relentless Right Wing Propaganda

Hooray, I Fixed It!

For about 8 years or more, my workhorse, does it all printer kept turning out the best photo images, CD printing, sheet music, essays, and copies of anything that would fit on the glass. I would clean out clogged nozzles and squeeze another few hundred 8 1/2 x 11 half fold full color greeting cards, … Continue reading Hooray, I Fixed It!