Enjoying My Home

There are times when we are so busy in our lives that we don’t take time to enjoy our personal space. Given the choice, we humans like to do as much as we can outside our homes. Now that choice has been made for us, if we wish to stay alive and not kill others … Continue reading Enjoying My Home

Magic In The Air

What did people eat for breakfast in 330 AD? It’s Christmas time again. This has been going on year after year since 330 AD when the Catholic church created a Mass for Christs’ nativity to commence on, or close to, the Solstice celebrations. I wonder if squirrels like fruitcake? It has been wet, but not … Continue reading Magic In The Air

Talking Turkey

Okay, not a turkey, but a really cute blue butterfly. I am not referring to the upcoming Thanksgiving turkey dinner conversations with family and friends of Fox news. Not turkey vultures either. (I love this natural geometric composition) No, I am concerned about the 50 nuclear weapons that are in Turkey’s possession, thanks to the … Continue reading Talking Turkey

Back For More

Has anything happened since I’ve been gone?   I’ve been making pies today. I find it’s more difficult now that someone changed the recipe for the frozen pie dough that for the past 6 years I usually get from Trader Joe’s. It seems in the interest of making more profit, the people who made the … Continue reading Back For More

Where Have I Been?

Painted Lady stopping for fuel on her way north. I have been taking photographs of some amazing natural events, like the migration of painted ladies. The heavy rains gave them more places to lay eggs and millions of them hatched, ate the plants they were born on and ultimately flew north en masse as butterflies. … Continue reading Where Have I Been?

I write letters

Here is one I wrote after seeing a drilling company taking core samples out of Shasta Dam last Saturday. It was a beautiful day to take photographs. agapito associates core sampling shasta dam I guess one needs to click on the link to see the PDF? I am still learning how to use WordPress after … Continue reading I write letters