Where Have I Been?

Painted Lady stopping for fuel on her way north. I have been taking photographs of some amazing natural events, like the migration of painted ladies. The heavy rains gave them more places to lay eggs and millions of them hatched, ate the plants they were born on and ultimately flew north en masse as butterflies. … Continue reading Where Have I Been?

I write letters

Here is one I wrote after seeing a drilling company taking core samples out of Shasta Dam last Saturday. It was a beautiful day to take photographs. agapito associates core sampling shasta dam I guess one needs to click on the link to see the PDF? I am still learning how to use WordPress after … Continue reading I write letters

Control By Distribution

Anything Can Be Controlled By Distribution   There are checks and balances, sure, but some things don’t slip through the cracks.   By “Anything” I mean commodities, styles, ideas, propaganda, music, patriotism, attitude, consumer trends, news, entertainment, programs, etc.   I will give you two examples that I have personally seen and experienced;   First … Continue reading Control By Distribution

Keeping Campaigns Simple

When I attend political strategy meetings, they are like every previous meeting. Nothing seems to change. Long winded, leftist political rhetoric is not attractive to new, young activists. I recall a few meetings here in Redding where I introduced examples of simplified, graphically designed signs for demonstrations. I explained how a motorist glancing at a … Continue reading Keeping Campaigns Simple

What All People Really Need

To live on planet earth, humans require the following: Food Water Shelter Those 3 things we need to have. Anything else is what we want to have. Because we are not alone, it is best to embrace community. Helping each other is progressive Hurting each other is regressive From community we grow civilizations Peaceful societies … Continue reading What All People Really Need