I Learn Something New

Female Carpenter Bee I was taking the garbage and recycle bags to the dumpster today, and had my camera with me, (of course).  I noticed one of the black bees was busy in one of the flowering bushes near the dumpster enclosure. None of the pictures I had taken of these black bees were particularly … Continue reading I Learn Something New

New Book…Same Story

Each new election season seems to contain the same ingredients in different measure. I watched a live stream of the Left Forum and the panelists seemed encouraged by the numbers of politically energized youth who are enthusiastically supporting Bernie Sanders. They discussed how they might convince the Bernie supporters to join them to form a … Continue reading New Book…Same Story

The Bigger Picture

Wow factor Our media here in the USA presents a narrow view of world events. I guess they don’t know that we can get real world news on the internet. World news from people that object to American interference and economic takeover of their countries. Spreading the news The latest example is the American orchestrated … Continue reading The Bigger Picture

They Call It A Race

I think it is more of a Meander (The 2016 elections) One of dozens of beautiful Treehouse Roses The current presidential “race” has been moving so fast that it has only taken 3 years to get this far. The breakneck speed has us moving like molasses through the primaries as we blaze to the July … Continue reading They Call It A Race