More Election News

Bee Fly on Cornflower The Republican/FBI/Wing Nut coterie has been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Hillary, and she is still going to be voted president of the United States. “Blaze” the brave If only Joe The Plumber really was a plumber they might have had a kitchen sink to throw. As it stands, … Continue reading More Election News

Can I Get A Statesman

There Are Very Few Left I think our civilized social progress stalled when corporate industrialists hired Ronald Reagan to play the part of president while a handful of rich white men began dismantling our respected democratic nation. There were very few “conservative republicans” left in office by the time Chief Justice Scalia persuaded a majority … Continue reading Can I Get A Statesman

Is It Over Yet?

The Famous Flying Zinnias Media companies have stated that they are intentionally keeping this 2016 campaign for president close like a horse race. For them, Trump is a gift to keep their ratings at  relentless high levels. 100+ degree red rose Ears and eyeballs stay glued to media outlets with every new crude, baseless, babbling, … Continue reading Is It Over Yet?

The Farce Goes On

Female Carpenter Bee We have been subjected to months and months of non-stop right wing media attacks against Hillary in the hopes that no one will notice that Donald is clueless about history, geography, science, social studies, literature, U.S. government and world events. A new rose blooms in late August There are 120 million voters … Continue reading The Farce Goes On

Perceptive Civility

Synchronized geese landing event I see the abbreviation PC and think it should represent “perceptively civil”. Excuse us… A little privacy please I am evidently old fashioned. I respect myself and respect others. Drift-boat Fly Fishing on the Sacramento The popular attitude among those who watch too much Fox news is noisy disrespect. That is … Continue reading Perceptive Civility

Tiny Butterflies

Buckeye butterfly These diminutive delights can been seen flitting about the yard behind A building. Tiny and tan colored they are often overlooked and considered uninteresting until one has seen them close up. Buckeye butterfly Like many things in our world, once you have seen and identified something in the wild, it is easy to … Continue reading Tiny Butterflies