Time For Cheer

If you are reading this, you are still alive and have internet access. I have had a Soundcloud account since 2008. Sometimes, I forget that it is one of the ways I can share recordings of my bands with you. Last Sunday, I recorded the Jam Band when we played at Bridge Bay resort, Shasta … Continue reading Time For Cheer

Water In The Streets

And Reservoirs, Too Ducks, geese, gulls and pigeons on the Sacramento river Park Marina Boulevard became part of the Sacramento river on Sunday, February 12. Flooded streets and high water levels continued today, Wednesday, as additional rain  arrives. Another look at Park Marina Boulevard I was able to find plenty of caption-able sights to photograph, … Continue reading Water In The Streets

Dear Programmer(s)

Would someone please write a program that replaces all images of Trump with a blank space or dancing monkey? I have never seen such a visual assault on the senses. It’s bad enough to know that some illiterate son of a real estate tycoon managed to get elected as president. Thank you   Continue reading Dear Programmer(s)

Not The End Of The World

Merely a slight inconvenience Only a twig. Come a little closer. Went to the DMV this afternoon to replace my license. It didn’t take me long though the place was packed. How did I find the bright shiny spot in the DMV gloom? I followed the rules. Mount Lassen RULES for DMV “happy experience”: Make … Continue reading Not The End Of The World

More Election News

Bee Fly on Cornflower The Republican/FBI/Wing Nut coterie has been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Hillary, and she is still going to be voted president of the United States. “Blaze” the brave If only Joe The Plumber really was a plumber they might have had a kitchen sink to throw. As it stands, … Continue reading More Election News

Can I Get A Statesman

There Are Very Few Left I think our civilized social progress stalled when corporate industrialists hired Ronald Reagan to play the part of president while a handful of rich white men began dismantling our respected democratic nation. There were very few “conservative republicans” left in office by the time Chief Justice Scalia persuaded a majority … Continue reading Can I Get A Statesman