Keeping Campaigns Simple

When I attend political strategy meetings, they are like every previous meeting. Nothing seems to change. Long winded, leftist political rhetoric is not attractive to new, young activists. I recall a few meetings here in Redding where I introduced examples of simplified, graphically designed signs for demonstrations. I explained how a motorist glancing at a … Continue reading Keeping Campaigns Simple

What All People Really Need

To live on planet earth, humans require the following: Food Water Shelter Those 3 things we need to have. Anything else is what we want to have. Because we are not alone, it is best to embrace community. Helping each other is progressive Hurting each other is regressive From community we grow civilizations Peaceful societies … Continue reading What All People Really Need

Relentless Right Wing Propaganda

Using the mainstream, right wing, corporate media, the republican fascists, industrialists, government manipulators are waterboarding the American populace with lies and misinformation. “Social Security is going broke!” “The Democrats are tearing children from the arms of their parents and warehousing them in cages!” “Israel is being attacked by Palestinian Terrorists!” “It’s Hillary’s Fault!” “Obama is … Continue reading Relentless Right Wing Propaganda

Hooray, I Fixed It!

For about 8 years or more, my workhorse, does it all printer kept turning out the best photo images, CD printing, sheet music, essays, and copies of anything that would fit on the glass. I would clean out clogged nozzles and squeeze another few hundred 8 1/2 x 11 half fold full color greeting cards, … Continue reading Hooray, I Fixed It!

The Demise Of Apple

Today I attempted to use Apple support to resolve a problem with their mail server. I first checked with support groups and found that it is a problem with Apple mail that others are having, too. So I tried the support chat thing. The following is a copy of the transcript of our chat that … Continue reading The Demise Of Apple

Still March-ing

I became aware of endometriosis in just the last year, or so. A few of my wives and lady friends had, “difficult periods”. Others had surgeries to remove “cysts” from outside their uterus. At the time, neither of us knew those events were symptoms of endometriosis. Here is a short video from the BBC about … Continue reading Still March-ing