Short Month

Daffodils and their relatives appeared this month It has been a busy month in many respects. The jam band played on the 18th, and that was fun. Alan, drummer from the Blues Rollers, fits in soundly Derral invited a drummer from the Blues Rollers to play with us on the 18th. We all enjoyed his … Continue reading Short Month

Yay Eagles

I caught the last couple minutes of the Super Bowl game. It was fun to watch with the sound off. I tried watching earlier, but the predictable banter and play by play description was repetitive. At the Arboretum Saturday Because they seemed to be limited to using the same worn out comments and phrases I … Continue reading Yay Eagles

A Brand New Year

Same Old Problems It was a pretty day here in Redding on this Saturday in January. A good day to walk in the Arboretum and enjoy the warm afternoon breeze and sunshine. Unmitigated Gall (Based on an old Steve Allen joke) I wonder if the people in and around Santa Barbara can bring charges against … Continue reading A Brand New Year

Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Disengage From The Dissolution Of Democracy In America,

I turned the TV on to the unbiased safe place called public TV and discovered a Koch/Cato Institute libertarian propaganda production disguised as a 3 part documentary series on education. Misinformation was presented as well researched facts to gently persuade the viewer that Market Based education is the very best kind. I experienced the world’s … Continue reading Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Disengage From The Dissolution Of Democracy In America,

Renaissance Fair

This past weekend brought the middle-ages middle-earth renaissance fair to the Anderson fairgrounds. My friend, Margaret and I went to say hi to a pirate couple we met at the Saturday Redding Farmers Market a few weeks ago. Ron and Janet Anderson had their booth there. They produce and sell Pirate’s Secret Essential Oils and … Continue reading Renaissance Fair

Trump: The John Birch Society’s Wet Dream

All these years later, the Birchers, (libertarians, tea party, right wing conservatives), finally have enough control of our government to undermine and remove all traces of democracy and social justice. The KKK is marching in the streets, cheered on by the Trumpbots, while the president tweets his way to the global conflagration the arms industry … Continue reading Trump: The John Birch Society’s Wet Dream

Morally Defective Malcontents

At the very least, our current administration is crawling with disgusting sociopaths. They seem to be emboldened by the republican leadership of the house and senate. That makes sense.  Most of bent and misinformed republican psychopaths aren’t trustworthy enough to look after our dogs. Some republican supporters don’t understand that they are among those poor … Continue reading Morally Defective Malcontents